Lien Choong Luen

Previously SEA Head for McKinsey Centre for Govt.

Spent several years as a strategy consultant in China, Hong Kong and taiwan.

Formerly a Major in the Sgp Army, Special Forces.

Also an adventurer keen on seeing the world:
• Summitted Mount Everest, K2 (2nd South-East Asian summit) and others
• Ski-expedition to the North Pole
• Raced in multi-day expedition races up to 700km 
• Ultra-marathoner – Gobi desert, Amazon jungle (considered “world’s toughest race” by CNN)
• Gold medalist at Asian Masters Track championships
• As co-Founder, Head of Strategy of Action-X , organised Zombie race events in China, Sgp, Mas, Thai, Indon, HK, TW and Aus, with over 40,000 participants to date

Story-teller and motivational speaker

Please contact me at :
 [email protected] 

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